🐅 Carpe Diem 🐅

🐅 Carpe Diem 🐅

The question I keep getting over and over is "why calendars"?

I believe products should be evidence of our beliefs and I believe time is our most valuable resource. Are we appropriately thoughtful about our relationship with time and how we spend it? I know from decades of experimentation that a well designed calendar and the discipline to use it in specific ways can inspire us all to be aware of and claim ownership of our time.

If we don't plan our own time, someone else will.

My family and I have been making and using calendars like these for many years. The calendar is just one piece of a geeked-out 🤓 annual planning activity that we do. This crafty version pictured above is from 10 years ago (even if it feels like yesterday because time flies 🧚🏻). 

A thoughtfully designed calendar makes the perfect canvas to pencil in a thoughtfully planned year. Carpe diem. 

Every December we hang a fresh calendar and pencil in important things:

  • Trips (at least 4! Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • Long weekends
  • Holidays
  • Inviting and hosting visitors
  • Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings
  • School calendar
  • Sports schedules
  • Work travel
  • Annual doctors appointments

As we fill out a new year, we usually look back at the calendars from past years to make improvements and carry forward the important and good things. We talk about the highs and lows from the past, and our goals and themes for the upcoming year. I have to try not to be a control freak or take it all too seriously. It's a balance. Blank spaces are important, leave some. Let it all get messy as the year unfolds. Life is messy. Leave space for serendipity. 

Every calendar in the 2024 Studio Tigress assortment is designed to be enjoyed and used. These ready-to-hang gems also spare you the craft project that I used to tackle each year (goodbye glue and scissors), enabling you to jump right into what matters most - penciling in your annual plan. Each option in the assortment is art and function. I look forward to hearing about how you enjoy and use yours. 


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