Perpetual Trackers

Buy them once and enjoy them forever, the perpetual annual trackers exist to help you keep track of (and remember to celebrate!) birthdays and any other important milestones that happen each year. All four designs (Minimal, Utility, Woozy & Zodiac) are offered with and without the magnetic wood rail framing system. 

Inspired by the Dutch traditional verjaardagskalendar (birthday calendar), these trackers are the perfect way to make sure you make time to remember to celebrate the people and milestones that you love the most. 

Art and function. Very giftable. Start anytime of the year and keep going year after year.

Each tracker contains the full year on one design-forward page. Each is locally printed on premium paper as a fine art giclee, ensuring superior color depth and sustainability, while still allowing (encouraging) people to mark them up.